PWS Foodtec - Fleischereimaschinen, Füllmaschinen, Cutter, Clipper, Fleischwölfe, Schneidemaschinen und vieles mehr
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Our company profile

Company PWS is a steady component in the German used equipment dealership and a competent partner of the food branch for now 10 years.
Machines are sold as overhauld or "as is" condition. It is a question of your personal predilections or the available budget.

Appeal to us, we have the suitable solutions for your company.

Our special skill is vacuum filling technology. In this area we can offer to nearly every task the suitable solution, no matter if you need a holding device or a complete hangingsystem with lenghtportioning.

Also in our program:

  1. Vacuum filling machines and hanging systems
  2. various attachments for vacuumstuffers
  3. Clipper
  4. mincers
  5. cutter and microcutter
  6. ice makers
  7. Slicer, dicers and other cutters
  8. Thermoformer and traysealer
  9. vacuum chambers
  10. scale and labeling system
  11. Injectors and Tumbler
  12. and a lot more!

A large part of these machines is available immediately at our warehouse.

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